Breaking Down INFLAME

Alchemy Labs Inflame - The Science

Alchemy Labs INFLAME is truly a one of a kind muscle building supplement. When formulating INFLAME, we carefully hand picked scientifically backed ingredients that would aid in building lean muscle naturally. The main ingredient used is Arachidonic Acid, which is known for its abilities to help break down muscle tissue faster and create strong muscle building signals. INFLAME is known as the ultimate natural muscle builder due to its abilities to shatter any stubborn plateau, and accelerate results. From the first dose, you will notice insane pumps, anabolic like workouts, increased muscle soreness, and anabolic like muscle growth!*

Arachidonic Acid: 750mg

Arachidonic acid plays an essential role in growth and repair of skeletal muscle. Arachidonic Acid is an important dietary component in muscle anabolic process that works through muscle cell inflammation. Which allows for better nutrient delivery to the muscle fibers and to be prone to increased hypertrophy and muscle break down. Ultimately, Arachidonic Acid creates a strong muscle building signal for repair and recovery to our body for enhanced recovery times.*

Agmatine Sulfate: 750mg

Agmatine Sulfate has been known to be one of the top nitric oxide boosters in the supplement industry. Often used by bodybuilders, and athletes to enhance blood flow, and increase muscle pumps in the gym Agmatine Sulfate works by enhancing the levels of endogenous NO Synthase (eNOS). This inhibits nitric oxide synthase, which prevents the toxic effects associated with NO synthesis. Agmatine Sulfate has also been studied to support stronger vasodilation in the body, giving the muscle pumps most body builders are looking for.*

Epicatechin: 300mg

Is found naturally occurring in cocoa beans and commercially eaten in dark chocolate. Epicatechin has been scientifically found to interfere with our muscles releases of myostatin, by releasing another molecule called follistatin. When this happens, it allows our body to increase lean muscle, and decrease body fat at a faster rate.*

Arimistane: 45mg

Is a suicide aromatase inhibitor which means it prevents estrogen conversion. Arimistane elevates your natural myotropic state, leading to increased muscle mass, faster recovery times, decreased fat storage, and a positive increase in your libido. Also, Arimistane will help in reducing water retention, reduce body fat, increase libido, increase mood, and increase energy levels.*

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