Breaking Down SMOKED

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Alchemy Labs SMOKED is the ultimate pre-workout supplement for the person who looking to have insane amounts of energy, focus, and power. SMOKED contains a huge 45mg dose of Paradoxine, which is famous for its thermogenic and muscle enhancing properties. SMOKED is not a pre workout that is for beginners, so we warn you to only start with 1/2 a scoop!*



L-Theanine is mostly know for its abilities to relieve anxiety. L-Theanine crosses the blood brain barrier where it inhibits binding of glutamate. Glutamate is known to increase during times of stress, the inhibition of glutamate receptor activity is thought to contribute to the reduction of stress. When combining Caffeine & L-Theanine together they act synergisticlly to improve alertness and attention. L-Theanine can also potentially reverse some of the side effects of caffeine like vasoconstriction. 


One of the first things to note is, Theobromine is structurally similar to caffeine, however it know to act as vasodiolator vs vasoconstriction. Studies have shown that Theobromine can help improve focus, concentration, and energy levels. 

Hordenine HCL:

Hordenine is derived from Hodeum Vulgare. This is an alkaloid that is found in many plants like bitter orange or barley grass. Hordenine is most commonly known for its ability to enhance energy, increase focus, and uplift your mood.

Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine):

Paradoxine is most commonly known for the studies showing how it can help reduce the amount of white adipose tissue in the body. In 2013 there was a study showing shown to increase energy expenditure due to brown fat activity. Users commonly report feeling significantly warmer than usual and sweating buckets during workouts. 

Black Pepper (95% Piperine):

One of the many benefits of Piperine is its ability to increase the level of absorption of nutrients inside the body! Other studies have shown its ability to increase metabolism, raise dopamine levels, and help improve memory!


Higenamine is known to stimulate muscle by activating beta-adrenergic receptors. This is thought to mean that muscles can exert more force. Higenamine functions like other activators like ephedrine or caffeine. Higenamine is know to reach peak levels in the blood after 10 minutes.

Rauwolfie Vomitoria Root Extract Alpha Yohimbine min. 90% (Rauwolscine):

Rauwolscine is a fat burning compound that is chemically related to Yohimbine. However Rauwolscine is significantly more potent and does not cause the harsh side effects that comes with cheaper forms of Yohimbine. Rauwolscine is taken in pre workouts to help boos energy, increase mood, and act as a thermogenic.

Beta Alanine:

Beta Alanine is known for to being the king supplement for endurance. Beta Alanine works by delaying and reducing lactic acid build up in the muscle. Allowing you to push more reps during your workouts, increase stamina, and reduce resting time between sets. SMOKED has 3200mg of Beta Alanine, which is the clinical dosage for improving performance levels. 


Anybody looking to take their workouts to peak performance levels. SMOKED is great for anyone who is looking to shred bodyfat, improve performance in the gym, and improve strength!*


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