How To Build Huge Shoulders

For many of you, shoulders can be a tricky area of your body to grow. Most weightlifters I talk to assume since they workout chest and back every week, they don't need to isolate them in their workout splits. However, to get your shoulders to have a 3D look, you need to train all three heads properly (Front, Side, Rear). 

The shoulder is known as the deltoid muscle group. It contains 3 sections or "heads" the front, side and rear! Here are some of the best shoulder exercises for muscle growth. 

Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises are more of a isolating movement for the middle/side deltoid. These can be a highly productive movement to build mass on the shoulder. They do not require tons of energy expenditure nor require you to go super heavy. When you are doing lateral raises there are a couple things to remember: Focus on feeling the burn, keep your reps in the 10-15 range, and don't go to heavy. This exercise can be thrown in a couple times a week into your program to help accelerate a response.

Classic Overhead Press

Now this is one of my all time favorite lifts, the overhead press puts more emphasis on the front and middle deltoid. If you truly want to grow your shoulders bigger this is a must in your programming. With this particular exercise, it's better to focus on building strength in the range of motion than focusing on sheer volume. Anywhere from 5-15 reps would be ideal. However this exercise does take a toll on the body and can cause injuries, so make sure not to over extend yourself & maintain proper form.

Upright Barbell Row

Another classic movement for focusing on growing the shoulder muscles as whole. Start by grasping the barbell with a overhand grip that is less than shoulder width apart. Ensure your back is straight. Focus on your shoulders to endure the load and raise your elbows up to the side. Keeping the bar close is vital, and make sure take time to feel the movement as you contract and retract. 

Cable Rear Deltoid Flys

This is considered a isolating movement to balance out your shoulders. One thing to remember whether you are doing dumbbell, cable or pec dec machine is to focus on your elbows to lead the movement. Use the same techniques as in lateral raises and focus on 10-15 reps