Your Sleep Is Killing Your Gains

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How To Optimize Sleep For Building Muscle & Burning Fat

Did you know that having proper sleep will dictate how fast your body is going to build muscle or rip body fat off?*

I want to share some information about proper sleep cycles for building muscle. Now most of you automatically think in your head "Dude I sleep 8 hours I'm good".. However, my question for you is: What quality of sleep are you getting over these 8 hours?

Did you know that looking at your phone, TV, or computer before bed suppresses melatonin production (crucial hormone for telling your body to fall asleep) and disrupts your body's natural timer for sleep & waking up? This is due to Blue Light put off by these devices! Blue wavelengths are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood... however are very destructive for your body at night. 

Let's dive into how you can master your sleep cycles for maximum muscle growth and have better energy, mood, fat loss, muscle gain, hormone balances, etc! 

TIP #1: Heavy Protein & Fat meal 3-4 hours before bed

One of the best things I ever learned was to have a higher protein and higher fat meal before bed. What you eat at night has a direct impact on how well you sleep. A staple meal I have almost every night is 4-5 whole eggs which contains roughly around 800mg of cholesterol and 40-50g of protein or grass fed 80/20% ground beef with hummus! 

TIP #2: Keeping Your Bedroom Temperature Around 62-68 Degrees

 Did you know before drifting off into your deepest stage of sleep your brain needs to drop 3-4 degrees of heat? It's is crucial to find the right temperature for your body while sleeping. Another thing you can do is buy the chilled pillows that stay cold 24/7 to help cool your body down before and while your sleeping. I personally found that if I keep my bedroom 62-68%, I will sleep amazing. 


TIP #3: Limit The Amount Of Digital Devices At Night!

This practice alone not only improved my sleep! As I wrote earlier in the email, one of the biggest issues from digital devices are the blue wavelengths that come off the screen. This is known to suppress melatonin levels and render your bodies ability to say "it's time to go to sleep". Now days your iphone will have a nighttime mode that helps cancel the blue wavelengths! Which I turn on automatically at 6pm everyday! 

TIP #4: Supplement With The Right Products

For those of you who may be like myself who drink pre workout supplements, drink coffee, occasionally watch some tv before bed, or scroll around on your phone. This will be a huge tip for you, for years I always made supplement concoctions to help force my body and mind to sleep... because for some reason I always found myself most productive at night.. Which left me dragging ass the whole next day. One of the first products we formulated at Alchemy Labs was our Phenitrope HGH.. This was a must have product, because I knew there were many people out there like myself who struggled to go to sleep at night. Phenitrope HGH is the perfect blend of ingredients like melatonin, gaba, phenibute, etc to help calm/relax the mind and body before bed. Allowing you to drift off into a natural deep sleep cycle, where your body can start the recovery process of rebuilding muscle tissue!*

My hope for you is that you can apply some of these tips I learned along the way of my fitness career, and years of trial and error. Start out with maybe 1 or 2 of the tips first and see how they help your sleep!