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Dark Matter Alpha Mass Stack

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The Dark Matter Alpha Mass Stack is the ultimate muscle building stack for those seeking unreal strength and size gains. This insane muscle building stack will shatter any stubborn plateau you’re currently facing — taking your training to the next level.*



1) How do I take Alpha Mass Stack?

ALPHA5 & NOTORIOUS: Take one (1) capsule from each in the morning, and one (1) capsule from each later in the evening.

INFLAME: Take three (3) capsules 30 minutes prior to training. 

2) How long can I run Alpha Mass Stack?

This stack can be ran for 6-8 weeks, followed by a complete post cycle therapy with TEST FX! 

3) How long do I have to be off Alpha Mass Stack before getting back on it?

Once you have completed your post cycle therapy with TEST FX (1 bottle’s worth), you can start another cycle!

4) Do I need to take a liver support product while taking this stack?

No, a liver support product is not technically required. However, we always suggest taking a solid liver support product when consuming any supplement.  

5) Can I stack other prohormones with Alpha Mass Stack?

More is not always better: We don't recommend stacking other prohormones with this stack.