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The Alchemy Labs Story

Not Just Another Supplement Company

Alchemy Labs was born from the frustration in a lack of reputable, quality-driven supplement companies within the sports nutrition market.

Initially diving into this industry as a retailer, Alchemy Labs' founders made sure that a key facet of the Alchemy Labs culture was to never settle: We are forever on the lookout for unique and exceptional ways to deliver superior products. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not one of your typical "fly-by-night" supplement companies—popping up fast and disappearing even faster. 

The biggest thing that separates us from 99.99% of all supplement companies is we are an established and rapidly growing brand, focused on controlling every aspect of our product development, manufacturing, testing and creation to ensure you always have the highest quality and most effective supplements out there.

This means we do not let "contract manufacturers" make any of our products, and it is all done under our roof. This allows us to control every thing that goes into each and every single one of our products to ensure our customers are getting the purest, safest, and strongest supplements possible.

As the news and social media close the global gap, it's easy to find thousands of stories about manufacturers "spiking" or "under-dosing" their clients' products—a fact that should be alarming to anyone consuming dietary supplements. Why? Because this means the vast majority of brands don't even know what is truly going into their products, let alone what is going out to market.

It is this lack of accountability that led us to manufacture everything in-house, negating the need to rely on outside manufacturers to create or be part of sourcing ingredients for our products. This exclusivity grants us the peace of mind of knowing exactly what goes into our compounds, the ability to assemble high-quality and effectively-dosed formulas, and ultimately allows us to stand behind our brand knowing that we have done everything in our power to build the best supplements—a guarantee we happily pass on to you as the consumer.

Whether you personally take our supplements, or recommend them to a client, a friend, or family member, you can work hard while resting easy knowing that there are very few companies in the world who take the steps to provide quality, effectiveness, safety of Alchemy Labs










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