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DUALITY: Pre-Workout Supplement for Pump, Energy, & Strength

  • F.A.Q.


It's 2020, and the days of micro-dosed pre-workouts are over.

Unlike many popular pre-workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully-dosed and clinically-proven ingredients, backed by science, to give you the best workouts!

When developing DUALITY, we didn't use "micro-dosed" servings like most contemporary pre-workout supplements, nor did we load it up with cheap and dangerous stimulants that actually do nothing for your performance, strength, and muscle-building efforts.😒

Our team developed DUALITY with a single goal in mind: to produce a pre-workout that gives you insane pumps alongside insanely smooth, sustainable energy. Break down the science of each ingredient inside DUALITY and one thing becomes increasingly clear — there are very few pre-workout supplements that can truthfully claim to match the dosing we use. 🚀

When you take any Alchemy Labs supplement, rest assured that each product contains the highest quality raw materials to fuel your workouts!*


What do the flavors taste like?

  • Blue Raspberry: Can raspberries be blue? Well, they are now! 🤷‍♂️
  • Sky Candy: Tastes like the popular rainbow-colored candy! 🌈
  • Sour Gummy: Three words: Sour. Gummy. Worms! 😋
  • Triplelicious: Tastes like a certain red, white, and blue, rocket-shaped popsicle — you know the one! 🚀
  • Tropical Punch: Trashcan Punch minus the alcohol! 😜

I noticed you guys changed the formula; why is that?

Great question! When it comes to pre-workout supplements, the aim is to constantly evolve and progress. We re-formulated DUALITY to be stronger, taste (way) better, and contain 2x the amount of Beta-Alanine. On top of that, we added in five new ingredients the old formulation didn't have and made sure to give you guys more servings!*

I do not like high-stimulant pre-workouts — can I take DUALITY?

If you do not like high-stims, but still want a little kick, DUALITY is the perfect match for you! We formulated this product with only 300mg of caffeine per serving — the equivalent of about two cups of coffee.*

Is DUALITY a good fit for giving me a pump in the gym?

Yes! That is exactly why we formulated DUALITY the way we did. We want to make sure you experience clean, smooth energy while still getting a huge pump!*

I work out later in the evening. Will this keep me from sleeping?

Since DUALITY is a lower stimulant option, it shouldn't interfere with your ability to sleep. However, if you are extra sensitive to stimulants, or are interested in a pump with zero stimulants, check out Alchemy Labs PUMP 101!*