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A True Pre Workout Supplement With No Crash & No Jitters


Are you tired of high-stimulant pre-workouts that stim you up and leave you crashing 30 minutes later?

Tired of not performing in the gym at your full potential?

Are you in love with chasing "The Pump" at the gym, and Crushing Personal Records?

If so, DUALITY is the perfect pre-workout for you!

When our team sat down to develop DUALITY, our goal was to have a pre-workout that delivered insane pumps and insanely smooth energy. Unlike many companies, that simply give you a mirco dosed scoop and fool you into thinking your having a good workout by just giving you nothing but cheap stimulants.. We took the more expensive route to actually help you improve your performance in the gym.


Pre Workout That Gives You Strength, Energy & Focus With No Crash

It's 2019. and the days of the micro-dosed pre workouts are over.

Unlike many "popular" pre workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully dosed and clinically proven ingredients that are backed by science to give you the best workouts of your life.

When you start breaking down the science of each ingredients you will see that no other pre workout supplements come close to matching the dosing & amounts of ingredients we use to fuel your workouts.

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, pick up Duality today and experience one of the best pre workouts to hit the market!


  • F.A.Q.

Why We Believe DUALITY Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement

DUALITY is not your standard over-the-top pre-workout, loaded with caffeine and other harmful stimulants. Most current pre-workouts are overfilled with huge, concentrated amounts of stimulants that are capable of causing serious harm to your central nervous system and may hinder your workout performance.

We formulated and designed DUALITY to be *hands down* the best pre-workout option on the market when it comes to enhancing focus and energy, supporting insane pumps, and pushing your workouts to the next level.*


Pre Workout That Is Manufactured In House For The Best Results

When you buy an Alchemy Labs product, you have the promise that each one of formulas is carefully manufactured in house in our FDA-registered facility.

We are one of the very few brands that manufactures their own products and we take great pride in doing so. We follow strict guidelines to ensure you get the highest quality and strongest supplements available.

Our products will never contain banned ingredients, and we take pride in developing formulas that work for any level athlete. Our promise is to always deliver you products of the utmost quality.*


Pre Workout Science

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline is the go-to nitric oxide (NO) booster for bodybuilders. Most commonly used to increase athletic performance, muscle pumps, reduce fatigue, and increase recovery levels, L-Citrulline is believed to raise blood arginine levels and be more bio-available than other NO supplements like L-Arginine.*

Beta Alanine: Beta Alanine is known for being the prime supplement for endurance. Beta Alanine works by delaying and reducing lactic acid buildup in the muscle, allowing you to push more reps during your workouts, increase stamina, and reduce resting time between sets.*

Betaine Anhydrous: Research shows that Betaine may boost intramuscular creatine levels, which could contribute to muscle building qualities and drive muscle growth in multiple ways. It has been studied for boosting IGF-1 levels, which may enable another path for building muscle.*

Dendrobium (10:1 Extract): Dendrobium has been widely accepted in the bodybuilding community for its uses as a means of increasing energy, focus, and its ability to potentially lubricate joints.*

Theobromine: When it comes to Theobromine, a major point of note is that this alkaloid is structurally similar to caffeine; however, it acts more as a vasodilator than a vasoconstrictor. Studies have revealed that Theobromine may help improve focus, concentration, and energy levels.*

L-Norvaline: L-Norvaline is a very special amino acid from the BCAA Valine. The reason most bodybuilders use L-Norvaline in their pre-workout stack is due to its ability to inhibit nitric oxide breakdown. The body naturally has an automatic shut-off switch for nitric oxide, causing you to deflate and lose your pump relatively quickly. L-Norvaline works by inhibiting arginase, allowing longer, better pumps in the gym. Some studies even show it may improve pumps up to 60%.*

Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine has long been thought to improve muscular endurance, power, and energy levels. Most recently, studies have shown that caffeine may have a thermogenic effect on the body and may assist in boosting metabolic activity.*

L-Theanine: L-Theanine is primarily known for its ability to relieve anxiety, doing so by crossing the blood/brain barrier where it inhibits the binding of glutamate. This is significant because glutamate levels are known to increase during times of stress, and the inhibition of glutamate receptor activity is thought to contribute to a reduction in stress. The combination of caffeine with L-Theanine is believed to create a harmonious internal environment, improving alertness and attention. L-Theanine may also reverse some of the less desirable side effects of caffeine, such as vasoconstriction.*



When you choose Alchemy Labs, not only are you getting the best quality supplements on the market — you are going to get formulas with unbelievable flavoring systems.

We believe that your products should taste just as good as they perform. That is why we are constantly developing and perfecting our formulas and flavoring systems for our customers. When you choose DUALITY, you will have the choice of either:

  • Pineapple Express
  • Triplelicious

No matter which flavor you choose, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how great they taste for such a heavily-dosed formula!



If you are tired of all these "high-stimulant" and dangerous pre-workouts that are only causing harm to your body, then DUALITY is the choice for you!

You train to #TransformYourself into the best version of yourself, and your supplements should help you get there.

We know that you won't settle for anything other than the best. That is why we manufacture everything in-house to make sure our customers (you) get the safest and strongest products on the market!*


What do the flavors taste like?

  • Triplelicious: Tastes like a certain red, white, and blue, rocket-shaped popsicle — you know the one!
  • Pineapple Express: Tastes like a vacay-esque, pineapple-flavored drink, and definitely NOT the substance referenced at length in the popular comedy of the same name.

I do not like high-stimulant pre-workouts — can I take DUALITY?

If you do not like high-stims, but still want a little kick, then DUALITY is perfect for you! We formulated this product with only 200mg of caffeine per serving.*

Is DUALITY a good fit for giving me a steady pump in the gym?

Yes! That is exactly why we formulated DUALITY the way we did. We want to make sure you experience a nice, smooth energy while still getting a huge pump!*

I work out later in the evening. Will this keep me from sleeping?

Since DUALITY is a lower-stimulant option, it shouldn't interfere with your ability to sleep. However, if you are extra sensitive to stimulants, or are interested in a pump with zero stimulants, check out Alchemy Labs PUMP-101!*