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DUALITY: The Strongest & Best Tasting Pre-Workout


It's 2020, and the days of micro-dosed pre-workouts are over.

Unlike many popular pre-workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully-dosed and clinically-proven ingredients, backed by science, to give you the best workouts!

When developing DUALITY, we didn't use "micro-dosed" servings like most contemporary pre-workout supplements, nor did we load it up with cheap and dangerous stimulants that actually do nothing for your performance, strength, and muscle-building efforts.😒

Our team developed DUALITY with a single goal in mind: to produce a pre-workout that gives you insane pumps with insanely smooth, sustainable energy. ⚡

Break down the science of each ingredient inside DUALITY and one thing becomes increasingly clear — there are very few pre-workout supplements that can truthfully claim to match the dosing we use. 🚀

When you take any Alchemy Labs supplement, rest assured that each product contains the highest quality ingredients to fuel your workouts!*



California Prop 65 Warning: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic (inorganic), cadmium, lead, and or mercury, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. You can learn more here.



What do the flavors taste like?

  • Blue Raspberry: Can raspberries be blue? Well, they are now! 🤷‍♂️
  • Sky Candy: Tastes like the popular rainbow-colored candy! 🌈
  • Sour Gummy: Three words: Sour. Gummy. Worms! 😋
  • Triplelicious: Tastes like a certain red, white, and blue, rocket-shaped popsicle — you know the one! 🚀
  • Tropical Punch: Trashcan Punch minus the alcohol! 😜

I noticed you guys changed the formula; why is that?

Great question! When it comes to pre-workout supplements, the aim is to constantly evolve and progress. We re-formulated DUALITY to be stronger, taste (way) better, and contain 2x the amount of Beta-Alanine. On top of that, we added in five new ingredients the old formulation didn't have and made sure to give you guys more servings!*

I do not like high-stimulant pre-workouts — can I take DUALITY?

If you do not like high-stims, but still want a little kick, DUALITY is the perfect match for you! We formulated this product with only 300mg of caffeine per serving — the equivalent of about two cups of coffee.*

Is DUALITY a good fit for giving me a pump in the gym?

Yes! That is exactly why we formulated DUALITY the way we did. We want to make sure you experience clean, smooth energy while still getting a huge pump!*

I work out later in the evening. Will this keep me from sleeping?

Since DUALITY is a lower stimulant option, it shouldn't interfere with your ability to sleep. However, if you are extra sensitive to stimulants, or are interested in a pump with zero stimulants, check out Alchemy Labs PUMP 101!*