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Cre-Absorb isn't your standard run of the mil creatine supplement. Cre-Absorb is guaranteed not to cause nasty water retention like lower grade creatine supplements out there today. We used the strongest, and most bio-available form of creatine to make it the perfect selection for anyone who is looking to pack on quality muscle, stay lean, and improve performance.*

We used our Rocket Delivery system to rapidly deliver the creatine into the muscle cell, for immediately increases in performance, strength and size. If you are the type of person who is looking to get the most out of their dollar, and get top-notch results. Then Cre-Absorb is perfect for you.*

Cre-Absorb Supports: 

  • Strength increases*
  • Performance & Endurance increases*
  • Lean muscular gains*
  • Absorption of creatine into working muscle groups*

Who Should Take Cre-Absorb?

  • Anyone wanting to get shredded & build muscle*
  • Anyone looking to increase strength & intensity in the gym*
  • Anyone wanting to maximize their creatine uptake*
  • Anyone wanting to get sick pumps in the gym*

Why Cre-Absorb Was Formulated:

  • To deliver a higher quality creatine, that absorbs better inside the body*
  • To help maximize and drive strength levels through the roof*
  • For the supplement person who wants premium top shelf supplements*

Alchemy Labs Cre-Absorb Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to take Cre-Absorb?

  • Alchemy Labs Cre-Absorb is best to take 30 minutes before training and immediately post workout. On non-training days, take in the morning with and later that evening. 

How fast can I see results?

  • Most customers notice effects in the first week of training with Cre-Absorb. 

What products stack best with your creatine?

  • Cre-Absorb can be taken with any supplement we offer.