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Dark Energy Pre-Workout Stack

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Alchemy Labs PUMP 101 & SMOKED Pre-Workout Stack

Are you ready to experience the craziest pre-workout stack yet? Are you ready to feel the Dark Energy flowing through your veins? With Alchemy Labs' Dark Energy Pre-Workout Stack, you'll notice your muscles contracting tighter, pushing copious amounts of blood into the tissue with every rep. You're laser focused on your goal, and your priority is to break every PR in the gym. Find out why Dark Energy Pre-Workout Stack will elevate you to the next level.* 


How should I take these on training days?

  • Combine 1 full scoop of PUMP 101 with 1/2 -1 scoop of SMOKED in at least 12oz of water 30 minutes before working out.*

What are the differences between SMOKED and PUMP 101?

  • SMOKED is your stimulant-based pre-workout supplement that can increase energy, focus, and performance. PUMP 101 is your non-stimulant pre-workout supplement that increases blood flow to muscle, complementing the SMOKED by hyper-hydrating the muscle to deliver unreal pumps in the gym.*

Can I still take my amino acids, or BCAAs, while on this stack? 

  • Yes, BCAAs will only help complement the stack and build towards your goals.