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Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack

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When it comes to developing insanely strong supplement stacks, no one does it quite like we do here at Alchemy Labs.

Most contemporary "muscle-building" supplements are filled with empty promises, leaving you right where you started.

The sad truth? Not many companies are willing to sacrifice their "huge profit margins" to make quality products. . . .

Enter: Alchemy Labs.

We took a Spare No Expense approach and developed THE DARK MATTER ALPHA CUTTING STACK to make a truly powerful statement and direct you to a combination that harnesses the power of our top-3-selling muscle-hardening and cutting products.

Within the first couple of weeks of taking the DARK MATTER ALPHA CUTTING STACK, customers are reporting phenomenal results, like:

  • Muscle Hardness & Vascularity
  • Reduction in Body Weight & Water Retention
  • Improved Strength & Endurance in the Gym
  • Extreme "Alpha"-Like Mentality

Tired of the run-of-the-mill products out on the market and want to lose stubborn body weight, tighten up, and maintain muscle mass safely — all the while becoming significantly stronger? Buy Alchemy Labs DARK MATTER ALPHA CUTTING STACK and #TransformYourself.


  • F.A.Q.


PEELED is one of the strongest products we offer here at Alchemy Labs, for giving users the "Rock Hard, Dense" look, while building strength, and assisting in weight loss.


STIM & SLIM is the strongest "thermogenic" weight loss supplement we offer from Alchemy Labs. STIM & SLIM was designed to help boost energy, increase metabolism, and curb appetite.


GLYCO-SLIN is an advanced nutrition partitioning supplement developed with the goal to help shuttle carbohydrates into the muscle and prevent fat accumulation. GLYCO-SLIN includes InnoSlim — a patented ingredient from NuLiv Science supported by research studies on weight management, glucose storage, and improving athletic performance.

I am looking to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. Is this a good stack for me?

Yes! The Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack is a great choice for those wanting to build muscle and lose bodyweight.

How long can I run The Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack?

The Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack can be run for 8-12 weeks. Following your cycle, you should take a 4-week break, with TEST-FX as your post cycle therapy.

What is the best way to take The Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack?

PEELED: 2 capsules daily, any time of day.

STIM & SLIM: Maximum of 2 capsules daily; NEVER exceed the suggested daily dosage. Do not combine with other stimulants, like caffeine or high-stimulant pre-workout supplements. Start with 1 capsule to assess tolerance; once tolerance has been established, you can move up to the full serving size of 2 capsules daily.

GLYCO-SLIN: 3 capsules with your biggest meal of the day — preferably your "pre-workout meal" to help utilize the carbohydrates for your workout more effectively.

Do I need to Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) from this?

Yes, some form of PCT is highly recommended. You may use TEST-FX for 4 weeks after your cycle.

Is liver support needed with The Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack?

Liver support is not needed; however, we always recommend taking liver support while consuming ANY supplements.

What should I expect from The Dark Matter Alpha Cutting Stack?

Our customers typically report noticing effects within the first week. Feedback includes better energy, mood, focus, strength, weight loss, muscle hardness, lean muscle gain, and workouts!