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EPIANDRO is the ultimate ANDRO for guys whose goal is to cut up and shredding up! Most people look to Epiandrosterone for it's great benefits of helping build, while keeping that "lean, dry and vascular look".

This product is perfect to stack in with any of our STACKS to help accelerate your goals whether you are bulking or cutting!



California Prop 65 Warning: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic (inorganic), cadmium, lead, and or mercury, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. You can learn more here.



Do I need to take liver support when I am taking EP1-ANDRO?


No, the sole ingredient is Epiandrosterone which is non-mentholated. This means liver support is no required, however we do have LIVER ELIXIR if you choose you want to take a liver support product with your cycle. The only thing that is required is to take AFTER CYCLE for 30 days once you are done.


How long can I take EP1-ANDRO?


EP1-ANDRO can be taken in periods of 8-12 weeks followed by a month of AFTER CYCLE.


How old do I need to be to take EP1-ANDRO?


We really only suggest products like EP1-ANDRO to be taken by guys over the age of 21 years old. If you are younger, check out some of our other products like: ALPHA5, TEST FX, INFLAME, etc.


Can women take this product?


No, we do not recommend women to take this at all! Please look at other options like: VICTRESS.


Can I stack EP1-ANDRO with SHREDDED3, or any of your other Andro based products?


Yes! You can stack it in with any of our Pro-Series products!