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Extreme Pump Stack

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The Extreme Pump Stack is a representation to our full-fledged focus to innovate, and craft the strongest supplements on the market. This powerful combination is manufactured in house with premium raw materials to ensure the most consistent and powerful workouts you've ever experienced.

When you first experience DUALITY, you will notice award winning flavor profiles that have been dialed into perfection. Second, a euphoric energy sensation with rush throughout your body while enhancing sharp laser like focus. Next, you will feel blood rushing into the muscle, giving you pumps that are immeasurable.

Complimenting and enhancing the effects of DUALITY, PUMP 101 will accelerate filling your muscle to peak capacity with blood and oxygen. This insane combination creates pump's from the gym that last hours, and leave you with a truly epic experience. Unlike most companies, we did not formulate our pump product around the cheapest ingredients, we hand selected the finest materials with clinical dosages to ensure PUMP 101 delivers muscle swelling effects that hit fast, and last forever.*