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Phase 1 Bulking Stack

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Alchemy Labs Phase 1 Bulking Stack

Phase 1 Bulking Stack is the best muscle building supplement stack for those looking for massive gains, incredible strength, and untouchable muscle-building capabilities. During your 4-week muscle building stack cycle, you will experience the perfect trio for jacking testosterone levels into the sky, increasing hypertrophy, and maximizing muscle growth and recovery.*

Phase 1 Bulking Stack Supports:

  • Strength & Power*
  • Muscle Mass & Size*
  • Improved recovery by increasing protein synthesis*
  • Lean Mass Gains*

Who Should Take The Phase 1 Bulking Stack?

  • Anyone looking to start a solid cycle*
  • Anyone looking to absorb protein better*
  • Anyone looking to pack on serious muscle mass*
  • Anyone looking to transform their physique*

Why The Phase 1 Bulking Stack was put together:

  • For the guy who is wanting to really take his training to the next level and shatter stubborn plateaus*
  • For someone who want's crazy strength gains*
  • For someone who is wanting to put on serious muscle mass & improve their performance in the gym*