Everything You Need to Know About Grains of Paradise

Learn How Grains of Paradise Works 

If you follow the latest on supplements, then you probably already know that Grains of Paradise is steadily growing in popularity.

Unlike most ingredients out there, Grains of Paradise has been used as a spice and traditionally as a medicine for improving digestive and intestinal health. 

Now days, you will find quite a few supplements like "Fat Burners" -or- Pre Workouts with this ingredient, but why and how does it work?

In this article, we will break down some of the most popular uses for Grains of Paradise and go over things like: Why people supplement with it, how it can benefit you, how much is the correct dose, side effects, and how you can use it in your supplement stack. 

 What Is Grains of Paradise?

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Grains of Paradise, is an herb from the ginger family that is extracted from an African plant "aframonum melegueta".

    Now, one thing to note. Not all Grains of Paradise is created equally. 

    Paradoxine is the preferred choice because it is the only Grains of Paradise extract that has actual human research behind it (STD. to 12.5% 6-paradol).

    Inside the Grains of Paradise seeds, are compounds like:

    • 6-paradol
    • 6-shogaol
    • 6-gingerol

    Which are believed to have fat loss capabilities. 

    So Why Do People Supplement With Grains of Paradise?

     There are a couple main reasons why people supplement with Grains of Paradise:

    1. To improve digestion
    2. To increase energy expenditure
    3. To increase fat loss

    What Are the Benefits of Grains of Paradise?

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    Unlike most supplements on the market today, Grains of Paradise actually has human studies behind it and can make a valuable addition to your programming. 

    The most recent research indicates that supplementing with Grains of Paradise can..

    • Provide body re-composition benefits with out impacting your cardiovascular system.
    • Increasing energy expenditure & Boosting weight loss.
    • Improved lipid levels and glucose metabolism.

    So now that you understand why people are supplementing with Grains of Paradise, let's take a closer look on how Grains of Paradise does these things.

    Grains of Paradise can help improve energy expenditure and boost weight loss.

    Here we are going to talk about the patented Paradoxine, and how it works inside the body. 

    There are two (2) types of fat inside your body:

    1. White Adipose Tissue
    2. Brown Adipose Tissue

    Paradoxine works by converting white fat into brown fat.

    Brown fat is actually a specialized fat depot that can increase energy expenditure and produce heat. Brown fat was also researched to utilize blood glucose & lipid levels to improve glucose metabolism. [1] [2]

    What is the Clinically Correct Dose of Grains of Paradise?

    When determining a clinically correct dose of a supplement, it is gauged around the amount that is needed to produce the desired effect. 

    Generally you find most dosing protocols for Grains of Paradise is anywhere from 25-50mg daily. 

    Bodybuilders and avid supplement users consider the 40-50mg range to the be the "optimum" dosing range where they start to notice thermogenic effects.

     What Should You Expect When Taking Grains of Paradise?

    Great question, like with any supplement nutrition & your training protocol far out-weigh the effects of Grains of Paradise. 

    This is not the magical ingredient that will change your life forever, however it is something you can consider using in your programming to help move the needle forward faster.

    So, after saying that. Here are some of the things you can expect to feel and notice from Grains of Paradise:

    • Increase in thermogensis
    • Increase in brown fat conversion
    • Possible improved lipid levels
    • Improved digestion

    While the benefits are not of this world, it is important to remember that combing ingredients together for weight loss like caffeine, synephrine, and yohimbine (all proven fat burners) work very well together to compliment weight loss goals. 

    The Best Grains of Paradise Supplements

    Grains of Paradise is one of the few supplements that have human studies behind it to help boost weight loss and performance.

    If you think this ingredient can add value to your regimen and fits inside your supplement budget then it may be worth while for you!

    We never want you to buy into the phony "hype" & "marketing" around certain supplements on how they can "get you a ripped 6 pack in 6 weeks or less". 

    It can help you push a little harder, and move the dial forward to help move you in the right direction faster and with time this can help produce greater results towards your goals. 

    So if your going to supplement with Grains of Paradise, combine it with other proven ingredients like Alpha Yohimbine, Caffeine, Hordenine, Beta Alanine that are performance enhancers! 

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