Who We Are

We Obsessive Push For Quality


Here at Alchemy Labs we are not one of the typical "Fly-by-Night" supplement companies that pop up fast and go away even faster. We are a establish and rapidly growing brand that focuses on controlling every process of our product development & creation to ensure you always have the highest quality and best supplements out there.

We never settle, and we are always searching for new & better ways to deliver a better product.

It seems that now days, there are thousands of stories about manufacturers "Spiking" or "Under Dosing" their clients products & to be honest it's actually quite scary, because most brands don't even know what is truly going in their products.

That is why we manufacture everything in-house, and NEVER rely on any outside manufacturer to manufacture or be apart of sourcing ingredients for our products.

Doing so, allows us to know exactly what goes inside our products, build high quality & dosed formulas, and ultimately allows us to stand behind our brand knowing that we have done everything possible to create the best supplements.

That way when you take or recommend Alchemy Labs to a client, a friend, or family you know that there are very few companies that stand to par with Alchemy Labs.

We Only Use Premium High Grade Ingredients


The truth is, most supplement companies can't afford to use the proper doses of ingredients and to top it off they truly don't know what is actually inside their products. More times than not their manufacturers generally use lower quality ingredients and formulas to drive up profit margins... Which is another reason why we will never let anyone else touch or make our products.

At Alchemy Labs we work tirelessly to search for and source the highest grade raw ingredients possible. Unlike others, we never cut any corners when it comes to developing our supplements.

When you decide to go with Alchemy Labs you will never find cheap fillers, "spiked" or under dosed products...

You will only find premium high grade ingredients with clinical dosages to produce the best results possible that are manufactured here inside the United States of America.

Our business-model is simple. We manufacture insanely good supplements and we deliver them directly to you.

We will never stop finding new and better ways to innovate and accelerate Alchemy Labs forward.