How To Build Up Lagging Body Parts


How To Build Up Muscle In Lagging Areas

If you’re anything like myself, you understand how frustrating it is to have a lagging muscle group when the rest of your muscles are build up.  You probably have trained your body for years, and noticed that some body parts seem to grow faster than others.  Yet, other body parts or muscle groups don’t seem to change.  Not to panic, this is very common among body builders and weight lifters. Usually weight lifters like yourself find that they have a genetically big arms, chest or legs and no matter how you train these groups they always continue to get better while others suffer.

One of the top reasons why a specific muscle or body group isn’t growing or responding to the endless reps you are doing is the sheer lack of connection.  More times than not, guys like yourself revert to the classic compound movements to try to build up a lagging body part.. yet continue to struggle in building mass.  Today I am going to share with you how you can shatter your plateaus and start growing your weakest muscles.

Let’s say your back is the weakest muscle group on your body and you want to build up your lats.  Most guys revert to the Lat Pull Down Exercise.  The biggest problem with a gross motor movement like this is, your body is trying to move the weights from one point-to-another, and if your back is already considered “weak” by your brain.  Your body will naturally start to recruit other muscle groups to help motor through the movement and take the load off the “weak” muscle group AKA your lats. Even though lat pull downs are know to be superior to building muscle mass in your lats, your brain will call upon your shoulders, and biceps to pull the main load.

One of the best ways to get out of this defaulted movement pattern would be to properly warming up the lats with more isolated movements before moving into the Lat Pull Down. A good example of some exercises would be single arm cable row where you focus on a big stretch and a tight contraction, or a machine row where you can stay on a single plain and focus on a full stretch and contraction of the lat for 1-3 seconds. The key is you want to “feel” the muscles working throughout the movement. After a couple sets of doing isolated exercises, move into the bigger compound movements and focus on squeezing the lat and contracting the lats. If you have to reduce weight to properly move the weight do so! This is not a ego competition!

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