How To Unclump Pre Workout Supplements

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Tired of clumpy pre workout powders? Here is a simple guide to fix that issue:

One of the first things I want to go over is, why pre workouts clump.

It's quite a common problem across the board with pre-workouts. Almost every brand who has a pre workout supplement has encountered clumping issues at one point. The reason is because most pre workouts contain hygroscopic ingredients AKA meaning that they attack and bond to water molecules at room temperature. Now some pre workouts contain more hygroscopic ingredients than others, which will accelerate the clumping process. 

So if your someone who lives in a very humid place, you may have more issues with clumping than someone who lives in a less humid city. Don't worry there are plenty of quick fixes and tips I will share with you to help combat clumping pre workouts. 

However, if your products do clump. The product is still effective and it still works! Unfortunately the company or product doesn't have the right chemistry to counter balance the ingredients that pull water. So, you can still take the product and here are some quick tips on how to fix it at home!

How to prevent clumping pre workouts:

Okay, so you know why pre workouts clump now. So let's dive into how to prevent it. 

1: Keep your silica packet inside your containers.

This has to be one of the biggest issues I see when people tell me their products clump. Usually the person takes the silica packet out of the container. Bad move, the silica packet actually helps prevent the powder from attacking moisture.

2: Keep in cool, dry areas

Very simply put, do not leave in your car on a hot summer day. Extreme or excessive heat temperatures will accelerate the clumping process. One thing I personally do is leave my pre-workouts in the freezer. This keeps it cool, dry and avoids any issues of clumpy pre workout powder. If you, don't want to do that. Simply just keep it in your house, or office where the temperatures are controlled. 

3: Add an extra silica packet to your pre workout.

If you don't want to keep your pre workout in the freezer, or leave it at home. Here is a easy thing to do. Just keep a silica packet from the last pre workout you used and place it inside your new one. This will help reduce the amount of excess moisture. 

4: Don't let your pre workout sit, use it more often.

I know some of you out there are pre workout collectors, lol. If that is you, and you have multiple pre workouts at home.. Best tip, keep them in the freezer or stir them often. Do not let the product sit there for months on end! Make sure you shake or stir the powders up regularly to ensure the products are not settling. 


Easy way to fix your clumpy pre workouts:

1: Bust that blender out.

By far the most popular method among the bodybuilding forums! Simply, dump your powder into a blender and let it rip! Use a wooden spoon or another tool to break apart the powder before dumping into the blender for best results. 

2: Don't have a blender?

Use a fork! 

3: Buy Alchemy Labs Pre Workouts ;) 

All joking aside, we have went above and beyond on making sure our mega dosed pre workout supplements do not clump. We have a in-house chemist who knows how to counter balance hygroscopic ingredients to make sure your pre workout isn't clumping!