How To Unclump Pre Workout Supplements

Best Guide To Prevent Your Pre-Workouts From Clumping

Tired of clumpy pre-workouts? 😓

The truth is that clumpy pre-workout supplements are actually pretty common inside the industry. 

Almost every brand who has launched a pre workout supplement has encountered their pre workouts clumping at one point in time.

There are quite a few reasons this happens, and what you can do if you buy a pre workout that clumps up.

Why Pre-Workouts Clump

There are quite a few reasons a pre-workout can clump. Here are the top 4 reasons why you could experience a clumpy supplement.

❌ Bad manufacturing practices
❌ Too many hygroscopic ingredients
❌ Bad safety seals
❌ Uncontrolled storage environment

Obviously, having your pre workout clump is the last thing you want to happen!

So let's dive in and find out why this is such a common issue, and why so many companies constantly face this issue.

1. Bad Manufacturing Practices

The supplement industry is still in its "Wild-Wild-West" phase, where almost anyone who want's to become a supplement manufacturer can do so with the right amount of money behind them.😲

Unfortunately, this leads to Manufacturing companies popping up around the country that have zero clue as to what they as doing. This often leads to a whole list of issues regarding product quality and safety.

When it comes to manufacturing pre-workout powders correctly, you have to have vast knowledge of chemistry, understand how each raw materials reacts to it's environment, blending, friction, and what it does when making contact with other raw materials.

Unfortunately, many supplement manufactures do not understand this, and therefor they do not have proper SOP's, or staffing in place to manufacture powder based supplements correctly.

This irresponsibility leads to combinations of ingredients that do not blend well with each other, and typically manufacture in a poor and unstable environment.

2. Too Many Hygroscopic Ingredients

To understand this section, you must first understand what "hygroscopic" means:

<img src="hygroscopic.png" alt="hygrosopic supplements">

Hygroscopic: (of a substance) tending to absorb moisture from the air.

So now that we understand what Hygroscopic means, you may be wondering what ingredients are hydroscopic? 

Here is a list of the Top 6 Most Hygroscopic Supplements:

  1. Agmatine Sulfate
  2. Beta Alanine
  3. L-Carnitine
  4. Hydromax or Glycerpump
  5. L-Citrulline Malate 
  6. Betaine Anhydrous

These ingredients when in combination can really make a product turn into a nice solid brick...😥

However, under the right manufacturing practices you can use these "problem ingredients" without any issues...But that required the manufacturing company to do their job properly.... which is rare.😒

I don't want to push all the blame on manufacturing companies because the BRAND OWNERS are also at fault here.👇👇👇

Reason being, brand owners usually think.... The more the better, and often times they do not understand the chemistry and reactivity of raw materials either.. So they load their pre-workout formulas to the gills a ton of "problem ingredients" and expect it to the powder to withstand the test of time....❌

This is because the brand owners, usually do not understand how to properly formulate a pre-workout supplement and usually are extremely stubborn about getting their way and do not take advice from their manufacturing company.

See most brand owners who are making your product generally do not have a chemistry background and are usually just throwing ingredients together and hoping for the best. So they take a list of what is hot and they combine it all together (of course higher than everyone else) and this terrible practice usually becomes a clumpy pre workout.

3. Bad Safety Seals

This one is again on the manufacture and rushing production and not taking the time to practice good quality control procedures.

When the safety seal is loose on the bottle, moisture get's into the container and starts hardening up the powder.

4. Bad Storage Environment

If you are someone who lives in a very humid, and wet town/city. You may have this issue quite a bit after you open your product up. 

Again, it is important to remember most of these pre workouts contain raw materials that attract moisture and when you open these things up and leave them in you car, or sitting in a uncontrolled environment you will have issues no matter how good of a job the manufacture or brand did making that product.

How to prevent clumping pre workouts:

Now that you know exactly why pre workouts clump.

Let's jump into how you can prevent pre-workouts from clumping.


1: Keep your silica packet inside your containers.

This has to be one of the biggest issues I see when people tell me their products clump.

Usually the person takes the silica packet out of the container.

Which is a terrible decision, because the silica packet actually helps prevent the powder from attracting moisture.

<img src="silicagel.png" alt="Preventing Clumpy pre workouts">

2: Keep in cool, dry areas

Very simply put, do not leave in your car on a hot summer day.

Extreme or excessive heat temperatures will accelerate the clumping process.

One thing I personally do is leave my pre-workouts in the freezer.

This keeps it cool, dry and avoids any issues of clumpy pre workout powder. If you, don't want to do that.

Simply just keep it in your house, or office where the temperatures are controlled. 

3: Add an extra silica packet to your pre workout.

If you don't want to keep your pre workout in the freezer, or leave it at home.

Here is a easy thing to do.

Just keep a silica packet from the last pre workout you used and place it inside your new one.

This will help reduce the amount of excess moisture, and overall keep your products from clumping!

4: Don't let your pre workout sit, use it more often.

I know some of you out there are pre workout collectors, lol.

If that is you, and you have multiple pre workouts at home..

The best tip, keep them in the freezer or stir them often.

Do not let the product sit there for months on end!

Make sure you shake or stir the powders up regularly to ensure the products are not settling. 


How to Fix Clumping Pre Workout

1: Bust that blender out.

By far the most popular method among the bodybuilding forums!

Simply, dump your powder into a blender and let it rip!

Use a wooden spoon or another tool to break apart the powder before dumping into the blender for best results. 

2: Don't have a blender?

Use a fork! 

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