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If you're one of the millions of people who buy pre-workout powder each year, you know that it's a booming industry. The pre workout market exploded in recent years, and for good reason: People who use these supplements have reported significant improvements in their workout performance. But as this market has grown exponentially, so has the number of brands offering their own versions of this supplement. And while there's nothing wrong with competition—it keeps companies innovating and improving their products—it also means that some brands are not always playing fair by undercutting their competitors on price while still maintaining quality control over what goes into these powders.

Are you tired of the same basic pre workouts?

You're not alone if you're tired of the same basic pre workout.

Pre workouts are not all the same—and we don't mean just the taste or texture of each bottle. Some pre workouts are under-dosed, filled with artificial ingredients and made in a lab by a big company that doesn't care about your health. It's time to take your fitness goals into your own hands and learn how to make your own pre workout at home!

We had enough of under-dosed ingredients.

We started a new approach to the supplement industry that we see lots of people taking notice of.. Brands AND consumers. We knew that quality ingredients at proper dosages would be the key to making our products stand out from the rest. 

Every single bottle is made right here in house, with our team of experts keeping a close eye on everything that happens from the time the raw ingredients are delivered to the time that our finished product leaves in a box to be shipped to your doorstep. 

Most people don't even know what's in their pre workout. 

You might think that you know what’s in your pre workout, but chances are you don’t. Most of us have seen the words “proprietary formula” on our labels and just assumed it meant that we couldn't have an idea as to what was actually going into our bodies. But some companies will make false claims on their label and even include harmful ingredients (like DMBA, DMAA, DMHA). And while not all companies do this, it's common enough that I thought it would be important to discuss this here.

It's easy for a consumer to fall victim to the lure of marketing tactics when they're trying to find their first pre-workout supplement. If you see something new, then it must be better than what everyone else has been using for years—right? Well, maybe not! 

It's easy for brands to fake it. 

When you're shopping for a pre workout, it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed by all the options. But what you might not know is that some of these products may not be as effective as they claim to be.

In order to get the most out of your workout, it's important to use a product that has been dosed properly. Some companies will even advertise their product as "dosed at 100 percent" when in reality, this is often not the case! To make matters worse, some brands actually use under-dosed ingredients without disclosing this information on their labels or packaging (not cool). This means that many people are using products that don't contain enough active ingredients in order for them to work properly—and this can mean lower energy levels during workouts and poor performance overall.

Thousands of people keep buying it...

Our pre workouts focus purely on dosing our ingredients correctly, giving you the most effective pre workout possible.

We've had thousands of people tell us that they have felt a huge difference between our products and other brands they have tried.

We don't leave anything out, and we don't use fillers or fudged numbers on our formulas like some other companies do to make their product look good. We use only 100% approved ingredients in all of our products so you can train and rest assured that what you're consuming is safe and effective!


Yes, there are brands out there that do have good products. But they're few and far between. And it's not worth putting your health at risk to try find one when you can just get something that actually works, tastes good and has an honest label on it. We've found there's no need to look any further than our own line of pre workouts! You're welcome!