The Full Comprehensive Guide to InnoSlim from NuLivScience

InnoSlim from NuLivScience is one of the most forward pushing branded ingredients in the nutrition space today.

For those of you who may have never heard about this ingredient, here is a list of what InnoSlim is ideal for:

  • Blood Sugar Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Fitness & Muscular Energy
  • General Health & Wellness
  • Weight Management

What is InnoSlim & How Does It Work?


InnoSlim® is NuLiv Science’s proprietary metabolic nutraceutical composed of highly purified and fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus produced by a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction and processing technology.

InnoSlim® has shown in 18 in-vitro, two in-vivo and one human clinical study published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, Molecular Pharmacology, and Adaptive Medicine to regulate glucose and fat metabolism in Caco-2, fat and muscle cells by activating the master energy switch Adiponectin and AMPK.

These activations lead to decreased glucose absorption in the intestine, increased glucose absorption in muscle and fat cells and decreased fatty acids formation and inflammation in fat cells

Specifically, InnoSlim®:

• Increases adiponectin in normal cells by 103% and "I"-resistant cells by 248%
• Increases AMPK expression levels in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%
• Increases GLUT4 expression level in muscle by 46% and fat cells by 488%
• Increases glucose absorption in muscles by 50%
• Increases glucose absorption in fat cells by 68% and fatty acid breakdown by 100%
• Decreases glucose absorption in Caco-2 cells by 41%
• Decreases glucose levels in rats by 11%
• Increases "I" sensitivity in rats by 38%
• Reduces inflammatory biomarkers PAI-1 by 11%, RBP4 by 31% and TNFα by 61% in normal cells
• Reduces inflammatory biomarkers PAI-1 by 53%, RBP4 by 67% and TNFα by 38% in "I"-resistant cells
• Increases ATP production in liver cells by 22%

Excess circulating blood glucose is stored as fat and prolonged excess blood glucose leads to "I" resistance and more fat accumulation. InnoSlim® decreases glucose absorption in the intestine by reducing the glucose transporter SGLT1 and increases glucose absorption muscle and fat cells by increasing glucose transport protein GLUT4.

These effects reduce circulating blood glucose and fat accumulation 
InnoSlim® reduces fat accumulation by inhibiting ACC activation (ACC-P) mediated by Adiponectin-AMPK pathway.

Adipose tissue contributes to local and systemic inflammation and disturbances in glucose homeostasis. InnoSlim® reduces inflammatory biomarkers PAI-1, RBP4 and TNFα in fat cells that are associated with "I" resistance and metabolic syndrome.

All the above effects suggest InnoSlim® may initiate a shift in energy homeostasis in favor of fatty acid breakdown to correct the glucose and fatty acid metabolic derailment that leads to weight gain and other metabolic dysfunctions.

Where Can You Find InnoSlim?

InnoSlim can be found in one of our most popular supplements Glyco-Slin, which is a Glucose Disposal Agent that helps amino acid uptake, and helps maintain lower body fat levels.

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