Why Doesn't My Pre Workout Work The Same?

Introduction - How to avoid this mistake

We get it, you take a pre workout looking to increase the intensity of your workout routine or simply enhance your pump. It's often that we hear people relying on caffeine to take them to the place that they desire to be during their training. 

Enter Pump 101; with its combination of blood vessel dilating ingredients, it'll improve blood flow and help your body reach peak performance so that you can get the most out of every session, with ZERO stimulants. 

A caffeine-free pre workout

Contrary to popular belief, caffeine isn't a required component of your workout. If you want an energy boost before working out (and who doesn't want that?), there are better options than adding caffeine into the mix.

One option is using Pump 101. This pre-workout powder provides users with more than just the easy basics that most pump enhancers have. Pump 101 has clinically dosed ingredients so you'll get a burst of energy from the first few minutes on down through your last rep at the gym—with no crash afterward!

Increase focus

If you're like most people, when you go to the gym, your workout isn't always a focused one. You're distracted by what's going on around you—like a phone call or someone who keeps asking questions about their workout.

Your mind is elsewhere and this prevents you from giving your full attention to what's happening in the moment. By increasing focus through training, we can reduce distractions and improve our workouts. Our high dosage of Huperzine will help that. 

Enhance bloodflow and optimize your pump

You’re probably familiar with the confident sensation of feeling "full/ pumped" after a workout. That’s your body telling you that you have pushed all of your blood into your muscle and that it needs more oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles. If you don't get enough bloodflow during or after your workouts, this process can be severely hindered.

Vasodilation is a fancy term that basically means “the widening of blood vessels,” which increases the amount of oxygen-rich blood getting to your muscles. By working on increasing vasodilation, we can enhance our pump while experiencing more intense muscle growth and faster recovery times. Good news for you; we used a full gram of Agmatine Sulfate to help drive nutrients to your muscles. 

Pump 101 will improve your training and increase your endurance

Pump 101 is a powerful tool, and it can be used to improve your workout in several different ways. The first effect you will notice; more endurance. Your muscles need oxygen to function properly, so when they are deprived of oxygen during exercise (as happens during a high-intensity workout), they become fatigued quicker than they would while working out at a lower intensity level. However, by developing a good pump with intense training—and by maintaining that “pumped” state for as long as possible—you vastly extend the amount of time it takes before your muscles begin feeling fatigued or exhausted.

Secondly, Pump 101 also has an impact on muscle growth: if you don’t maintain an adequate blood flow through your muscles during exercise (and/or after), then there won’t be enough nutrients being delivered to those muscles; this lack of nutrients inhibits muscle growth because it prevents them from repairing themselves efficiently following trauma caused by weightlifting movements. Finally, Pump 101 helps increase strength over time because when we get an adequate supply of blood flowing into our muscles after lifting weights (as well as when we stimulate these same muscles directly through some sort of resistance training), this causes microscopic tears inside each individual cell which then repairs itself stronger than ever before. The key takeaway here is that if you want better pumps and increased endurance during workouts than make sure they include exercises that challenge you so that blood flow increases significantly throughout all major muscle groups involved in performing them. 


Looking for a stim- free pre workout that will give you the focus and endurance necessary to take your workout to the next level? Want to be able to work out longer and harder? We recommend trying this product out today!