You've Probably Heard of Amino Acids or BCAA Supplements

By now at some point in your health & fitness journey you have either heard or taken BCAA supplements.

Some of you may not of even known why your taking bcaa supplements, but someone inside a supplement store sold them to you so now you're taking them.

Not to worry, They are not harmful.

However, there are quite a few companies in the industry that are hiding behind proprietary blends to hide just how cheap their formulas are.

In this article I will go over quite a few topics like:

  • What are BCAA powders

  • The benefits of BCAA supplements

  • How to take BCAA supplements

  • Best time to take BCAA supplements

  • How to pick the best BCAA supplement

What are BCAA Powders and Why Do We Supplement With Them?

To start we must understand what BCAAs are:

Branch Chain Amino Acids are a group of three (3) essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and valine and are considered the building blocks of your muscles.

What if I told you that you that Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) could be one of the most important supplements in your arsenal?

And the reason so many people supplement why BCAAs are to: 

Boost Muscle Growth, Improve Endurance, and Improve Recovery.

So right now you may be interested in learning more, if so continue reading to learn more about they can help you in your fitness journey and some of the things to look for along the way.

What To Look For When Buying BCAA Powders:

The first thing to know about amino acid supplements are:

Not all Amino Acids are created equal.

What I mean by that is, a lot of BCAA supplements in the supplement industry are derived from HUMAN HAIR & BIRD FEATHERS....[1][2]

<img src="DuckPicture.png" alt="BCAA Duck Feathers">

Can you imagine drinking a big glass full of duck? Can you say no thanks...

The reason manufactures and brands are using these lower-grade and in-humane form of amino acids are due to the extremely low cost. 

Lower cost raw materials = Higher profit margins... 

I am not sure about you, but that goes against what we believe here at Alchemy Labs and with that being said.

There are other forms of High Quality Amino Acid powders


Vegan Friendly Fermented Amino Acids & BCAAs that come from fruits and nuts.

<img src="Duckfeathers.png" alt="Bcaa Supplements Duck Feathers">

If your anything like me. You are probably just as excited like the girl in the photo, that there are alternatives to human hair or duck feathers.

So when we created our BCAA Supplement AMINO TIDE, using fermented amino acids from a Vegan-Friendly source was the number 1 priority.

Best Dosages For BCAA Powders 

This is where things can get pretty tricky when choosing the right BCAA powder.

There a tons of companies marketing huge "ratios" claiming their aminos are the best in the world, without ANY scientific proof.

The most studied and proven ratio of BCAAs are in the 2:1:1 form:

  • 50% Leucine
  • 25% Isoluecine
  • 25% Valine

So, when your shopping for BCAA powders, do not be fooled for the 5:1:1 ratios, or even the 10:1:1 rations.

Because usually they are under dosing the proper amount of each amino acid you need. 

Ideally, you want to find a BCAA with at least 5,000mg (5g) of pure Branch Chain Amino Acids per serving. 

MAKE SURE, that the label is fully disclosed like the one below and not wrapped up in a proprietary blend.

How To Take BCAA Supplements

Okay so maybe right now BCAA powders are sounding pretty good to you right now and your wondering;

"How do I take BCAAs?"


"When is the best time to take BCAAs?"

Taking BCAAs Before Working Out

Is one of the most ideal times to take branch chain amino acid supplements.

When you are using BCAAs prior to working out, they have been shown in this study to help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

What BCAA Supplement We Recommend 

We firmly believe that we have one of the best Branch Chain Amino Acid supplement on the market today.

Because when we formulated our BCAA we wanted to give you guys the highest quality raw materials possible, and create a product that was fully transparent so you know exactly what you are putting inside your body each time you take it.

AMINO TIDE is a vegan friendly BCAA that gives you the suggested daily doses and taste AMAZING.

<img src="Aminotide.png" alt="Amino Tide Best BCAA Powder">

To learn more about how AMINO TIDE can help you reach your goals, Click Here and learn more!