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INFLAME — Natural Muscle Builder

  • F.A.Q.


Why is INFLAME one of our most popular products?

The answer is simple: INFLAME activates signals to the body to start building more muscle tissue.* 💪

We call INFLAME the "Amplifier" because its of its ability to accelerate muscle cell inflammation, which helps tear and break down more muscle during your workouts.* This may lead to greater strength and size — and whether your goal is to build more muscle, lean out, or merely maintain a fit lifestyle, who doesn't want that? 🤷‍♂️

When you take INFLAME, you will immediately feel blood being forced into the muscle due to mega doses of Agmatine Sulfate and L-Norvaline during your workouts!

If you are ready to push your body to next level, then take the next step and experience INFLAME for yourself! 💪




  • Enhance muscle breakdown*
  • Increase protein synthesis*
  • Shatter stubborn plateaus*
  • Improve strength levels*
  • Develop a lean, dry physique*




  • Anyone looking to pack on extra muscle mass*
  • Anyone stuck in a plateau and having a hard time progressing*
  • Anyone wanting strong pumps in the gym*
  • Anyone wanting a lean, dry physique*
  • Anyone taking an anabolic cycle and looking for the perfect stack*
  • Anyone who wants to stay natural and build quality muscle mass*



Arachidonic Acid: Arachidonic Acid plays an essential role in growth and repair of skeletal muscle. As an important dietary component in the anabolic process that works through muscle cell inflammation, it allows better nutrient delivery to the muscle fibers and is prone to increased hypertrophy and muscle breakdown. Ultimately, Arachidonic Acid creates a strong muscle building signal for repair and recovery to our body for enhanced recovery times.*

Agmatine Sulfate: Agmatine Sulfate is known to be one of the top nitric oxide (NO) boosters in the supplement industry. Often used by bodybuilders, as well as athletes, to increase blood flow and muscle pumps in the gym, Agmatine Sulfate works by enhancing the levels of endogenous NO Synthase (eNOS). This inhibits nitric oxide synthase, which prevents the toxic effects associated with NO synthesis. Agmatine Sulfate has also been studied to support stronger vasodilation in the body, facilitating the muscle pumps most bodybuilders are looking for.*

L-Norvaline: L-Norvaline is a very special amino acid from the BCAA Valine. The reason most bodybuilders use L-Norvaline in their pre workout stack is due to its ability to inhibit nitric oxide breakdown. The body naturally has an automatic shut-off switch for nitric oxide, causing you to deflate and lose your pump relatively quickly. L-Norvaline works by inhibiting arginase, allowing you to have longer, better pumps in the gym. Some studies even show it can improve pumps up to 60%!*



I am getting sore when I take INFLAME; is that normal?


Yes, very normal. Actually, that means it is doing its job by helping break down more tissue! Make sure you're recovering properly to enhance the muscle building process.*


How long can I take INFLAME for?


You can run INFLAME for about 12 weeks; after that, we recommend taking at least 4 weeks off. After those 4 weeks, feel free to jump back on! No need to post cycle therapy from INFLAME.


I am taking one of your pro-hormones. Can I take INFLAME with it?


Absolutely, INFLAME stacks with pretty much any & every product in our product line!


How do I take INFLAME?


As an dietary supplement, take three (3) capsules 30 minutes prior to working out. On non-training days, take 3 capsules in the morning.

It does not matter if you take INFLAME with or without food.